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Dominique Besner
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Who the hell is Don Carlo???
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The team

Surf and turf.

Brainstorms and ideas.

A creative process with many stages, which enables us to really seize your company’s essence. Its mission, its clientele, its values and its spirit. That whole process becomes an idea. And we translate that idea with a branding, a graphic universe composed of logo variations, fonts, color schemes, icons and custom illustrations.

All of which is created with attention, thoroughness and love throughout unique visuals and brand communication that really broadcast the soul of your project.

It also becomes ours, we want it to radiate and inspire by its presence, its energy. We want everyone to go crazy for your brand and all that it embodies. We develop your project on all its aspects, and watch out, we’re gonna want to put your logo on everything.

Don Carlo is a rich italian man, sunbathing in a red speedo on his yacht, sipping giant margaritas, wind in his chest hair, singing a version of Allegria which would make even the toughest weep.

Not quite. Don Carlo is a design team that thrives on creating visual identities through various forms.

We love brainstorms and conceptualization. We prioritize a singular approach, off the beaten path (off-road style). Lovers of detail and precision, sweethearts to fonts, colors and patterns, creators of crazy concepts and unique illustrations, our two brains do a pretty good job at exposing a project’s full potential.

Team members

What we love the most though, is seeing that satisfied look in our customer’s eyes. Because seeing you happy happy makes us even happier.